Static-y things (12/25/2016)

i know i’m doing it wrong but i don’t know how to fix it

The charge cord for my tablet abruptly stopped working. It still charges, just not my tablet: a warning pops up to inform me that this cord is not meant to attach to this particular piece of technology, and if I want this piece of technology to see the light of another day I should go get the cord it came with. Since this actually is the cord it came with, we’re at a standoff. I have no experience as a hostage negotiator, but even if I did I’m not sure it would help in this case.

My workaround has been to charge my tablet via a simple circuit. I don’t have another of the same cord, but I do have a laptop, another tablet, and miscellaneous charging apparatuses. By plugging various things into various other things I’ve managed to wire them together in series. This is not what the manufacturer intended, but it is charging my tablet (and when the tablet’s done, my Kindle). A related question might be “Why does a simple visit home require two tablets, a laptop, a phone and a kindle?”

i like that i can’t always predict where my brain will take me

WordPress’s “Reader” feature mostly just adds clutter to my day: I don’t follow many blogs, those that I do follow are mostly not on the wordpress platform, and I neither read not write blog entries every day. Therefore, the Reader feature is not one I’ve heavily utilized. I just kind of let it do whatever it was pre-set to do and I follow my own nose when it comes to exploring new content.

Every once and a while something nice crosses my path though. In this case, a post from Proper Discord about Christmas music (and how much it sucks and I hate it) popped up on my feed. I liked the style, which led me to reading more posts, which lead to reading a lot more posts, listening to a few operas, and starting to assemble a basic framework for understanding the classical music market. I know jackshit about classical music. I don’t care about sound quality or composition. But I do like statistics and knowing how things work, I like it when writing makes me laugh, and I like getting caught up in a project and doing a lot of pointless research. So I’m a happy camper – and now a camper who could converse semi-intelligently about the classical music industry for about ten minutes if I absolutely had to.




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